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"Gaia is a leading partner for corporations, international organizations, private and public institutions looking for innovative solutions for sustainability. With Gaia, sustainability will become an integrated part of your organizations business strategy enhancing both your competitive edge and responsibility. Gaia is pleased to explore collaboration and partnership with Support Green Communities."

Iivo Vehvilainen

With our established ongoing relationship with SGC we believe the future is very bright with reference to alternative energy designs in all the regions of West Africa and look forward to providing service and training personnel with facilities for all SGC's projects in the Region.

Mr. A.Ayers


"Support Green Communities is a refreshingly different company with focus on localized skill sets, micro economic development and training for local communities in the developing world".
All the project designs big or small are geared towards the eco system and sustainability regarding green business models. Flexible and knowledgeable in the Green energy sector and are my 1st choice for design and consultations for any sized project regarding alternative energy solutions.”
Mr.D. Singh
Telco Director Muse Resourcing

Support Green Communities impact on our company's profile has had measurable effects and our Green projects are now on display in our headquarters main entrance. We love the concept of giving back to the communities and several members of our own workforce are now actively engaged in volunteering for SGC programs.

Dr. Herve Mazzocco
CEO and President

SGC have partnered with CSData for our installation materials and are now proud to promote CSData for copper and fiber optic network cabling and connectivity products ranging from patch panels, wall plates and jacks to media converters, hubs and high-speed Ethernet switches.
The CSData online catalog can be found by clicking the below link;
CSData Online Catalog (

SGC have great pride in the relationship we have with the Solar Living Institute who provide the on-line training for our office & field engineers. The Solar Living Institute is a nonprofit solar training and sustainability organization. Founded in 1998, they have been providing professional solar training and a wide array of sustainability courses for over 12 years. All courses are taught by experienced practitioners who bring years of real world knowledge to the classroom with a focus on helping students prepare for job opportunities, start businesses, and live more sustainably.

With installations in over 70 countries, including installations for several Fortune 100 companies, UGE is changing the face of distributed renewable energy. UGE puts users in control of their energy source by deploying hybrid wind, solar and storage solutions for use in the enterprise market, from commercial facilities to telecom towers in developing countries. Our technology advantage includes our proprietary wind technology, site planning and deployment, power electronics, and remote monitoring and control systems, which are combined into best in class solutions at the nexus of energy cost, security and sustainability.

Community ProgramsWe are very proud to be working with the Vida Carrapicho Children’s Shelter in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Current aid projects include supplying and installing a SWH (Solar Water Heater) system substantially reducing the electricity costs via the use of the latest available technology, eliminating the need for the costly and inefficient 5.5KW electric shower heads currently used.

For more information and Shelter credentials please click on the document below:

Ongoing and previous projects include the following:
  • Design and Build of high security Solar system for Cell Site in the Middle East
  • Lead Consultant for Green Power Bids for Cell Sites in the Middle East, Africa, Central & South America and the Caribbean
  • Operational Company set up for Green Energy companies in the USA and Europe
  • Product Development for modular Hybrid Equipment solutions
  • Product Identification and Selection for Green Energy equipment
  • Green Energy Company Sales & Marketing Plans and Presentations (Board/Client)
  • Design, Operational Documentation and Drawings for Green Energy Systems
  • Design and manufacture of in house CDC solutions in Asia and the Middle East
  • System Design Manual for a TETRA network with Solar Power in the Middle East
  • Installation of Hybrid Power systems in Papua New Guinea and Ghana

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